Script, Rev. 3

I’ve been working on the script this past month quite extensively, and have redone a fair amount from the previous iteration. As such, there are some significant differences between this version of the script, and the storyboards; however, despite that fact, however, I will keep the storyboards online for the purposes of posterity and to … Continue reading

Making of Trois Petits Points

I found this video on Vimeo while trying to dig for information on the creator of the original video. It goes through the entire pipeline of the production for that animation, which I found both fascinating and highly  informative. Each stage is clearly labeled, and the entirety of the content is quite self-explanatory. In short, … Continue reading


Aki is a student project produced by Kimberley Ray produced at the Hertfordshire University. The storyline of this piece is a quick, student-project type, which does not take away from the quality of work at all, however, no one should really go into this expect a Shakespearean-epic level of depth or cultural significance. It’s nice … Continue reading


Trois Petits Points,  a very different animation, done in digital 2D, is about a seamstress who awaits her husband’s return from war. Upon watching it, a few things jumped out at me strsaight away- 1.) its style is very unpretentious, it conveys both the plot and the emotion as, I feel, the artist imagined  they should … Continue reading

PostHuman Short Animation

PostHuman is an animated short by Colliculi Productions. Visually outstanding, I felt it was somewhat lacking in the story department. Visually, it is superb. The visuals are a mix of largely 2D animation, with some CGI for special effects (most obvious examples include flares, smoke, etc.). The linework has a very deliberate, grungy, Western-Eastern crossover look … Continue reading