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Sound being a massive interest mine, I have recently taken to exploring the realm of soundscapes. Sound allows me to imagine visuals in a different light, so I’ve decided to take a break from staring at the visuals and explore other creative perspectives and avenues.

Having done a few video projects where I had to construct a soundscape from scratch, and having done a lot of soundwork in the past that did not accompany any visuals, I would say that I am both aware and experienced in creation of soundscapes and effects on a technical level. As well as that, I’m aware of the concepts and the thought-processes involved in painting a living, convincing landscape aurally, though admittedly, being aware and practicing are two very different things, and I’ve done far more of the former than the latter, always shoving the deeper, artistic half of the process aside as the deadlines loomed closer or as I gave myself the excuse that the mini-project I was doing for myself was merely a technical exercise and did not need to be unnecessarily ‘artsy’.

This publication gave me a fresh, new perspective of the entire process, and has provided me with the motivation and inspiration to paint with sound and give the aural experience some emotional depth and artistic expression, rather than being overly pragmatic about it and simply making it sound ‘right’ and ‘real enough’.

The reading also provides a fair deal of technical insights too; some more obvious, others the more subtle and easier to overlook kind that give a scene that final missing ingredient to really make it stand out.

A highly recommended read to both inspire and refresh.


Cyberpunk 2077

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This one is quite a big deal for me. This is a trailer for an upcoming game, but it is the trailer that I’m really interested here.

Apart from being bombarded with gorgeous visuals and the shamelessly overt, yet relevant and powerful symbolism contained within, the detailed accounts of the work put into this is a great source of inspiration for me.


The page is a close behind-the-scenes look into the process of producing this piece, and it beautifully illustrates the whole, gargantuan undertaking. What inspires awe for me, are the fusion of the different media, and the creative process in its entirety, both used in the way that they were to produce the final product. Not only was the process quite spectacular itself, it’s also a greatly educational one.


The trailer itself is just as amazing as the journey that was taken to reach it, and it’s hard for me to pick which one is my favourite. I find it difficult to find another CG work that rivals this piece visually. From the sheer aesthetic quality of the visuals to the emotional response it invokes in me, I have to say this ticks all the right boxes and passes every every trial with flying colours.


It is likely I have reacted to this the way I have because my first view of this was with the audio muted, and my imagination filling in the blanks; I would highly suggest watching this the first time around without sound for, in my judgment, a hopefully enhanced experience. To add to this, the sound does not take away at all from the piece itself, however, I think the initial absence of sound opens up the possibility for a deeper overall experience when combined with repeated viewing, in some strange way.


As mentioned before, I really fell in love with the fusion of the different media here. It’s not that digitising real world assets into virtual ones is a new technology, nor is building it all in 3D to begin with, either; it’s both the journey the team took and the destination at which they arrived on this particular piece that resonates with me. The digitisation coupled with the super high fidelity 3D assets, for me, has this odd “it’s neither live-action, nor is it animated” feel, and with just how cinematic it all looks, it really delivers this “augmented life and reality” vibe, bringing in a new meaning to the Cyberpunk theme as a whole. Suppose where I’m driving at is that in my interpretation of it there is a massive meta element to the whole trailer, and that when it is all said and done, the chosen implementation works so well that you would never notice it- a sign that it works so incredibly well.

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The website for the game:


Character Concept Art

Having done the text-oriented character development stage, I went ahead with putting the character to paper.

After a lot of experimentation, I was finally able to solidify what I wanted my character to look like.

I initially did it in pencil, however, with a little bit of help, it was finished on a digital tablet, cutting out the extra step of digitisation, as well as giving some extra flexibility in the final look. It was a slightly difficult transition, however, the end result was far better than what it would’ve been done traditionally first.



I knew this one for a while now. What it really is, is a PC benchmarking software with a twist to make it more exciting than simply staring down some numbers (though numbers and stats are also provided).

Whatever the case, it is bloody magnificent. I’ll just leave it here.

A still from Catzilla

A still from Catzilla

A wallpaper on the site

A wallpaper on the site

A wallpaper on the site

A wallpaper on the site

A website banner

A website banner

Catzilla Website Banner

Catzilla Website Banner

The Website

Sampling what’s out there

So I went on a lookout for strange and ‘out there’ stories already out there. I have found a few that fit the bill quite nicely. I am both inspired and stricken inarticulate by these.

First one: Mighty Antlers

This one may definitely fall into the ‘strange’ or ‘out there’ category, but that is not a negative point against this piece at all. Not at all. Can’t quite put it to words, I can’t really fault this on any significant level. The universe that was created, the lack of context, the power of suggestion, the very deliberate visual style and the many more facets that I like but can’t mention because they ‘fit’, all seem to flow into this one, quite perplexing piece. I will definitely be coming back to this one to pick it apart best I can.

Second one: Meanwhile

Cute, strangely adorable, yet no less weird or perplexing, this works, in my eyes, just as well as Mighty Antlers. The visual style itself sticks out to me as a big positive- it’s both clean and minimalist, yet calculated and very deliberate .

Third one:  Memoria

A suspenseful chiller, I quite like this one. Not particularly enamoured by it. I like it, but definitely nowhere near as much as the previous two, both in term of aesthetics and story.

Fourth one: Fear(s) of the Dark

Finish strong. It’s only a trailer, and as such the storywriting aspect would be difficult to judge, the comments are same as for Mighty Antlers*.

*See mighty antlers for my comments.

Character Development

After having spent the previous week reading about the subject, I’ve spent this week working on building the character.

Digging through the depths of the web, I’ve found resources such as character development sheets, as well as many different questionaires. The point of the exercise was to explore the character beyond what is seen onscreen, and delvingdeeper into their psyche.

Character Development Sheet