Script, Rev. 3

I’ve been working on the script this past month quite extensively, and have redone a fair amount from the previous iteration. As such, there are some significant differences between this version of the script, and the storyboards; however, despite that fact, however, I will keep the storyboards online for the purposes of posterity and to highlight the iterative process I’ve undergone.

Latest script.


Paperman and the Future of 2D Animation

This is an interview with the director of the Academy Award winning ‘Paperman’.

Besides giving a great insight into 2D animation and the process, he also talks about the human element behind the creative process- drawing from personal experiences, seeking to evoke specific emotions and empathising with the viewer.

A great watch.

Making of Trois Petits Points

I found this video on Vimeo while trying to dig for information on the creator of the original video.

It goes through the entire pipeline of the production for that animation, which I found both fascinating and highly  informative.

Each stage is clearly labeled, and the entirety of the content is quite self-explanatory. In short, truly a great look into the animating process.


Aki is a student project produced by Kimberley Ray produced at the Hertfordshire University.

The storyline of this piece is a quick, student-project type, which does not take away from the quality of work at all, however, no one should really go into this expect a Shakespearean-epic level of depth or cultural significance. It’s nice and easy to watch, it’s different, and that is not bad at all.

The visual quality of this is absolutely amazing, and the visual style is very impressive, too. There is a lot of flashiness, and the animation does seem to rely on visual impact quite a bit, but the overall b-movie nature of the piece does mesh with the style really well. It would not work for something like‘Trois Petits Points’, but it certainly does here, and if something is to be taken away from this piece, is that the vision of how it should look when done, and how to achieve it all must be carefully balanced against visual flair- and it has been in this example.

The animation quality is, however, not of the high standard that the other aspects are, but I can’t really fault this piece as it is in fact a student project and not a professional production. All of this is not to say that it is poor, not at all, however, it is not nearly as impressive as everything else.

The sound for this piece is quite exquisite, I must say. It opens with a loud, pumping bit of original music, going hand in hand with the pace at the start; as the piece slows down, so does the sound- it transforms into just the ambient sounds for a while, and then ramps up back to a high-adrenaline mixture of objective sound effects, music, and a few Hollywood-esque sweeteners for good measure. Also, what I really liked was that the film was not drenched in an overabundance of overly-exaggerated special effects, which is definitely a plus.

Back to the quality of the visuals and the visual style itself, I really enjoyed the way the dark scenes were handled. They were taken all the way to 11, without making them gimicky or otherwise cheap-looking, but that is just my personal opinion


Trois Petits Points,  a very different animation, done in digital 2D, is about a seamstress who awaits her husband’s return from war.

Upon watching it, a few things jumped out at me strsaight away- 1.) its style is very unpretentious, it conveys both the plot and the emotion as, I feel, the artist imagined  they should be conveyed, without any unnecessary flashiness or overdoing it in any other way(Keep isimple, stupid); 2.) it seems somewhat easy to make, which means that it’s anything-but; 3.) the pacing of the plot, which in of itself is a very unique one to boot, is balanced perfectly, keeping the viewer glued to the screen until the ending credits, all the while all of the storytelling is achieved through visual means- no narration, dialogue, or other explicit hints or plot explanations are used.

Another worthy mention is how playful and pleasant the overall feel is. This is clearly due to the very deliberate decision to make the whole animated piece silent, with just the music to build the mood, rather than employing some elaborate soundscape- the team behind this animation went with the right choice for their vision, in my opinion.

The story itself was a very unique one, and the way it was told really made it come alive. I’d rather not talk about it much in order not to spoil it, it is that good. A lot to learn from this one.

The animation quality itself was absolutely superb. Truly a great example  of great animation.

PostHuman Short Animation

PostHuman is an animated short by Colliculi Productions. Visually outstanding, I felt it was somewhat lacking in the story department.

Visually, it is superb. The visuals are a mix of largely 2D animation, with some CGI for special effects (most obvious examples include flares, smoke, etc.). The linework has a very deliberate, grungy, Western-Eastern crossover look that works incredibly well. The colour is vivid, yet easy on the eye- everything is drenched in saturation and contrast, yet it’s never jarring or excessive. The theme is Cyberpunk, but it is restrained to the point where someone unfamiliar with it will not view it as something alien, yet a fan should still feel right at home with it; a great balance between grime and class.

The sound assets are also incredibly solid: every sound feels like it actually has mass behind it, it is not exaggerated in the way that action movies and most cartoons are, and is mixed in a way that it does not jump out at you.

Story wise, the short feels unfinished. We are dropped right in the midst of things, and it ends as abruptly as it starts. It does feel like the first part of a bigger story and the ending does hint that, however, it is impossible to really say. Unlike The Backwater Gospel, the violence here comes off as something fun and casual, and that is a bit of a disappointment, too.

I am somewhat on the fence with this one. I came across really liking it, however, the few negatives that jumped out at me did dull it for me a little. There are more positives here than the negatives, but they don’t outweigh the negatives by too much.

Also, the short is slightly NSFW.