PostHuman Short Animation

PostHuman is an animated short by Colliculi Productions. Visually outstanding, I felt it was somewhat lacking in the story department.

Visually, it is superb. The visuals are a mix of largely 2D animation, with some CGI for special effects (most obvious examples include flares, smoke, etc.). The linework has a very deliberate, grungy, Western-Eastern crossover look that works incredibly well. The colour is vivid, yet easy on the eye- everything is drenched in saturation and contrast, yet it’s never jarring or excessive. The theme is Cyberpunk, but it is restrained to the point where someone unfamiliar with it will not view it as something alien, yet a fan should still feel right at home with it; a great balance between grime and class.

The sound assets are also incredibly solid: every sound feels like it actually has mass behind it, it is not exaggerated in the way that action movies and most cartoons are, and is mixed in a way that it does not jump out at you.

Story wise, the short feels unfinished. We are dropped right in the midst of things, and it ends as abruptly as it starts. It does feel like the first part of a bigger story and the ending does hint that, however, it is impossible to really say. Unlike The Backwater Gospel, the violence here comes off as something fun and casual, and that is a bit of a disappointment, too.

I am somewhat on the fence with this one. I came across really liking it, however, the few negatives that jumped out at me did dull it for me a little. There are more positives here than the negatives, but they don’t outweigh the negatives by too much.

Also, the short is slightly NSFW.


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