Trois Petits Points,  a very different animation, done in digital 2D, is about a seamstress who awaits her husband’s return from war.

Upon watching it, a few things jumped out at me strsaight away- 1.) its style is very unpretentious, it conveys both the plot and the emotion as, I feel, the artist imagined  they should be conveyed, without any unnecessary flashiness or overdoing it in any other way(Keep isimple, stupid); 2.) it seems somewhat easy to make, which means that it’s anything-but; 3.) the pacing of the plot, which in of itself is a very unique one to boot, is balanced perfectly, keeping the viewer glued to the screen until the ending credits, all the while all of the storytelling is achieved through visual means- no narration, dialogue, or other explicit hints or plot explanations are used.

Another worthy mention is how playful and pleasant the overall feel is. This is clearly due to the very deliberate decision to make the whole animated piece silent, with just the music to build the mood, rather than employing some elaborate soundscape- the team behind this animation went with the right choice for their vision, in my opinion.

The story itself was a very unique one, and the way it was told really made it come alive. I’d rather not talk about it much in order not to spoil it, it is that good. A lot to learn from this one.

The animation quality itself was absolutely superb. Truly a great example  of great animation.


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