Aki is a student project produced by Kimberley Ray produced at the Hertfordshire University.

The storyline of this piece is a quick, student-project type, which does not take away from the quality of work at all, however, no one should really go into this expect a Shakespearean-epic level of depth or cultural significance. It’s nice and easy to watch, it’s different, and that is not bad at all.

The visual quality of this is absolutely amazing, and the visual style is very impressive, too. There is a lot of flashiness, and the animation does seem to rely on visual impact quite a bit, but the overall b-movie nature of the piece does mesh with the style really well. It would not work for something like‘Trois Petits Points’, but it certainly does here, and if something is to be taken away from this piece, is that the vision of how it should look when done, and how to achieve it all must be carefully balanced against visual flair- and it has been in this example.

The animation quality is, however, not of the high standard that the other aspects are, but I can’t really fault this piece as it is in fact a student project and not a professional production. All of this is not to say that it is poor, not at all, however, it is not nearly as impressive as everything else.

The sound for this piece is quite exquisite, I must say. It opens with a loud, pumping bit of original music, going hand in hand with the pace at the start; as the piece slows down, so does the sound- it transforms into just the ambient sounds for a while, and then ramps up back to a high-adrenaline mixture of objective sound effects, music, and a few Hollywood-esque sweeteners for good measure. Also, what I really liked was that the film was not drenched in an overabundance of overly-exaggerated special effects, which is definitely a plus.

Back to the quality of the visuals and the visual style itself, I really enjoyed the way the dark scenes were handled. They were taken all the way to 11, without making them gimicky or otherwise cheap-looking, but that is just my personal opinion



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