Script, Rev. 3

I’ve been working on the script this past month quite extensively, and have redone a fair amount from the previous iteration. As such, there are some significant differences between this version of the script, and the storyboards; however, despite that fact, however, I will keep the storyboards online for the purposes of posterity and to highlight the iterative process I’ve undergone.

Latest script.


Storyboard planning

Having developed the main character to the point whereI now am totally happy, I’ve moved on to rapid prototyping for the storyboards.

Working in pen and paper, I set myself the task of within 40 minutes, outlining the treatments in fine enough detail to expand on the treatment, but vague enough not to dig myself in any deep holes and having to rely on making things up on the spot just to finish the story. This was all text-based, delivered in the form of bulletpoints in place of drawings.

I did two sessions a day, every second day over 5 days, leaving me with a total of 10 sessions, with me hoping to produce a different outcome during each secssion.

This left me with a rather large pool of potential candidates for each scene, each a slight variant of the last. This allowed me to pick what I deem to be the most feasable and interesting.

Below I’ve included scans from one of the sessions and a transcript to accompany them.

Storyboard transcrip

002 003 004

Character Concept Art

Having done the text-oriented character development stage, I went ahead with putting the character to paper.

After a lot of experimentation, I was finally able to solidify what I wanted my character to look like.

I initially did it in pencil, however, with a little bit of help, it was finished on a digital tablet, cutting out the extra step of digitisation, as well as giving some extra flexibility in the final look. It was a slightly difficult transition, however, the end result was far better than what it would’ve been done traditionally first.


Character Development

After having spent the previous week reading about the subject, I’ve spent this week working on building the character.

Digging through the depths of the web, I’ve found resources such as character development sheets, as well as many different questionaires. The point of the exercise was to explore the character beyond what is seen onscreen, and delvingdeeper into their psyche.

Character Development Sheet