What did I observe?

Primarily, just how involved animation can really be; from visual design, to the animation, to the sound, to the writing. From my observations, it is so because of simply what the possibilities of the medium are, and the creative license one can take within the medium. Another observation I took in was just how varied and experimental a lot of animation out there really is. Ranging from lacking coherent plots, to overly ridiculous scenarios, to storytelling relying purely on non-sequiturs, creativity and originality is truly king.

What I learned?

A lot of time was spent on reading and practicing technical aspects. This being a character-driven medium, writing was a major obstacle to tackle. Learning Adobe After Effects was another point of focus.

What did I find relevant?

Digging a little deeper, I discovered resources on script writing, graphical design and sound.

What did I discard?

Very little. Most of what I glossed over was already covered by the course. I think that was largely due to me searching for inspiration quite selectively, targeting wha/t I consider to be relevant, rather than hoping to come across it by chance.

How was my thinking changed?

Work, work, work, all on top of practice, practice, practice. With how involved and expansive the medium is, I’ve concluded I need to approach this with a clear and open mind, with a regimented and strict work ethic.

As well as that, through the inspiration phase, I diverted a lot of my attention to exploring the creative aspects of te medium as well.