The Backwater Gospel

This is a 3D animation, but I feel it needs to be mentioned. The Backwater Gospel is, in the words of the team who made it, “an animated short about a small, isolated community in the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, a minister hell-bent on ruling his flock and an undertaker who always precedes death”. Even … Continue reading

HEART Animated Short

HEART, created by Erick Oh, is an animation which could be called surrealist, or expressionist, or avant-garde or even experimental by genre, and honestly, I can’t label it. However, I can’t summarise it either, as doing so would give the plot away in its entirety (it all comes together and makes sense at the very end- … Continue reading

Invention of Love Animated Short

I discovered this piece while on a search for different styles of digital 2D animation. It was created as a student project by Andrey Shushkov (Андрей Шушков) in 2010. What struck me the most about this work was the very unique and stylised visual style, with every character and background element of importance portrayed as a … Continue reading

Quirky animation styles

On my search for quirky and unique animation styles, I remembered that there exists a wealth of Gorillaz music videos, with their own unique blend of surreal, at times flat-out weird, and yet fully achievable animation. Below are the videos for ‘Melancholy Hill’, ‘Clint Eastwood’ and ‘Feel Good Inc.’. I like ‘Melancholy Hill’  the best- its aesthetic … Continue reading

Soundworks Collection – Gravity

While on the Soundworks Collection website, I came across the absolute gem of the behind-the-scenes look of the sound production for ‘Gravity’.  With the setting of the film being space, and as such, a vacuum, the approach and philosophy of the sound for the movie was quite a different one. A vacuum not transmitting sound … Continue reading

Soundworks Collection – Hugo

I was looking for more inspiration on sound and how it helps shape the atmosphere and feel of a scene, and came across an in-depth behind-the-scenes look of the 84th Academy Awards winner in Sound Mixing and Sound Editing, Hugo. It’s a great video, offering a wealth of information on the process and the decisions … Continue reading